Design from performance

We create optimised designs with cost-effective manufacturing solutions by starting from your performance requirements rather than beginning with a CAD and working towards them. The set of techniques we use is collectively referred to as Analysis Led Design.

Performance-optimised designs

We use a range of design techniques from simple coding to solving challenges with top end FEA programmes, giving us cutting-edge capabilities in design and optimisation.

Cost-effective manufacturing solutions

Our strong background in the automotive industry drives our design principles to ensure that there is an economically feasible manufacturing solution. We eliminate the Waste that occurs both from overspecification of materials and from the process yield within manufacturing.

A Faster route to optimisation

Analysis Led Design techniques save much of the work required in CAD iterations by replacing it with efficient computer simulation, dramatically cutting design costs and time. This approach is especially effective for composite structures.

Lightweighting Innovation

Our experience in composites leads to longer lasting, more efficient vehicle designs. We simultaneously optimise for topology and materials selection to deliver the lightest, most efficient solution. 

Sustainable solutions

We are working towards more sustainable design through increasing use of bioresins and natural fibres as well as designing for end-of-life.


    A multi-material structure is the best solution for lightweight and strength for the design of this component. Topometry optimsation removes unnessary material from the design space and reduces material cost.


    Topology (shape) optimsation removes material from the design space to reduce manufacturing cost in the finished product. 


    Wall thicknesses tailored for optimum mechanical properties whilst allowing cheaper tooling and joining. Modular design for cheaper maintenance and easy replacement of individual sections. Read the case study...


    Impact properties optimised through non-linear optimisation.


    A hybrid material structure provided a lightweight design with best crash performance.

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