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Process, manufacturing and material research and development

Simplify then add lightness” 

Colin Chapman, Founder of Lotus

Once a first concept design is finalised our composites team take the lead on bringing the concept into reality. This involves material and process specification, designing tooling and making that tooling work. Our experience and understanding ranges from prototypes and “one-offs to mass manufacturing press moulding with 90 second take times. This enables us to find the right material and process for each customer, which sometimes means developing the material itself 

Our engineers own projects from beginning to end. That investment in the team is what helps us find the right material and process for each and every customer.

Hi Lite Bonnet Reinforcement

Low Cost Mould

Low Cost Moulding

Press Moulding Part Finished

Press Moulding Part

Press Moulding

Replaced Motorbike Part

Resin Infusion Machine

SMC Press Moulded Parts

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