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Analysis Lead Design

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first seven hours sharpening the axe” 

Abraham Lincoln, Founding Father  

Far believes that good design begins with analysis rather than being corrected by it. We have highly skilled team dedicated to the optimisation of predictive performance. Our experience in the application of composites in aerospace, automotive, and rail industries allows for a more open-minded approach to design, especially when innovative technology is concerned. We use various tools from simple coding, to top end FEA programmes giving us analysis and design capabilities for all aspects of materials engineering. 

Aluminium vs Carbon Fibre comparison

Century Before And After

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) analysis of a Composite Material

DIC Analysis

3D Digital Image Correlation of a Composite material impact test

DIC Image In 3 D

Multi-Material Component adhesive bonded to Carbon Fibre, Steel and aluminium

Lightjoin Part

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of a multi-material structure containing carbon fibre, aluminum and steel

Lightjoin FEA

Linear Static Analysis On a sheet molded compound (SMC) Wishbone Component

Linear Static Analysis On Wishbone Component

Thermoplastic carbon fibre composite space frame tram for Coventry Very Light Rail

Project Brainstorm Assembly

Topology Optimisation of an aluminium component for light weighting.

Topology Optimisation For Espirit

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