Exciting Challenges for New Graduates at Far-UK

Far-UK has recently hired three talented new graduate engineers who will each have roles in our R&D projects in the areas of Analysis Led Design, Sustainability and Robotics.  

Analysis led design image; flax; robotics

16th Nov 2021

Dr. Kevin Lindsey, Co-Director for Far-UK, explains, “We are focusing on three main technology drivers at Far - analysis led design, robotics for automated manufacture and the circular economy for sustainability. By advancing our capabilities in analysis led design and robotics, we continue to deliver world-class lightweight designs with practical manufacturing solutions. Our work in sustainability will allow us to ensure that customers will receive solutions that are future-proofed for the lowest possible environmental impact”.

Each of the graduates has studied in fields that complement these areas of R&D; find out a little more about them below…


Brodie started in September as a Graduate Engineer from The University of Liverpool where she studied Aerospace Engineering. She is currently working on a collaborative R&D project in which she is investigating the use of analysis led design by performing topology optimisation to a ladder chassis.


Helena is our new Sustainability Engineer, and she joins us after completing her degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Nottingham. Helena is developing a life cycle assessment tool which will allow Far’s design engineers to make informed environmental decisions about the materials and processes that they use in product design. Far believes that this will become increasingly important in the future as customers begin to need more environmentally friendly designs for their vehicles.


Kausar has just joined us after completing a MSc Degree in Advanced Controls and Systems Engineering at The University of Sheffield. He will be working on projects that further our use of robots to automate manufacturing processes, including composites drilling and adhesive application.

Lyndon Sanders, Co-Director, comments: “We like to give difficult tasks to clever people, and we feel that all our new graduates will thrive with the challenges that they are set. R&D is a crucial part of Far’s business because the type of work we like to engage in is always at the forefront of technology – you can’t offer customers the latest innovation without being innovative”.

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