Composite Multi-Material Joining Project Kicks into High Gear

The 24-month collaborative project, BRACE, has now entered its second quarter, advancing joining technology for the next generation of composite multi-material structures.

13 October 2021

Car chassis CGI

Far-UK is delighted to be part of the BRACE (Breakthrough Reinforcement for Added Chassis Efficiency) consortium composed of Gestamp (Lead), TWI Ltd and Brunel University London that has secured funding from Innovate UK under a EUREKA collaborative R&D programme.

The BRACE project has the vision to challenge the current status quo of composite-to-metal joining technology, enabling the rapid assembly of multi-material parts without the need for mechanical fastenings or adhesives. Structures assembled using the innovative BRACE solution will offer disassembly capability at the end-of-life, a significant step forward in improving the sustainability of UK manufacturing long-term.

Far-UK’s role is to provide leading expertise in the field of composite material science and multi-material joining to aid the consortium in overcoming several high-risk technical challenges to adapt the original technology developed by project partner TWI Ltd such that it is compatible to high-volume automotive applications.

BRACE consortium partner logos

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