PROTECT Project Kick Off

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A Modular multi-material crash-box for tailored impact energy absorption during a low-speed collision

The kick-off meeting for the 30-month collaborative project funded by an Innovate UK Smart Grant took place on the 20th November 2020.  The consortium consists of Far-UK, Riversimple, Composites Evolution, TWI and Brunel Composites Centre. The vision of the project is to design, analyse, manufacture and verify the performance of a multi-material (composites and metallics) crash box that enables tailored behaviour during low-speed collisions (less than 20 mph). Tailoring the behaviour of a crash structure allows control over the peak force and energy absorbed for a particular vehicle. This leads to reduced mass crash structure designs and improved occupant safety.

PROTECT will build on Far’s expertise in developing multi-material crash structure’s in a predictive performance application Led by Analysis.


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