Far-UK despatches three carbon fibre chassis for a new electric car.

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Carbon Fibre Chassis ready for shipment

On the day that the government is announcing that petrol and diesel-powered cars are being phased out in the UK it is perfect timing for Far-UK to be shipping the first three chassis for a new electric car. The chassis is a multi-material design that uses both carbon fibre and aluminium to deliver a structure that is efficient in terms of weight and cost while protecting both the passengers and the battery pack.

The team at Far-UK has developed the chassis for a Chinese electric car project and the company is confident that it demonstrates not just the company’s ability to deliver a multi-material structure but to do so for customers anywhere in the world.

Dr Kevin Lindsey – Director at Far-UK - commented: “it’s great to see these chassis going out of the door, we have developed a great solution for this customer"

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