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This is a 12 month placement, based in Nottingham, for the outgoing entrepreneur who wants to try something different!

The main purpose of this role is to support the Commercial Director to deliver a range of tasks across the commercial activities of the organisation. This will involve working collaboratively and, in some instances, independently on assigned tasks. Specific tasks are expected to fall into a number of broad categories:

  • Supporting commercial negotiations both in the UK and possibly in China. Typically, this will involve preparing presentations and documentation as well as involvement in negotiations.
  • Completing identified sales tasks. Typically, this will involve working with members of the engineering team to price offers and involvement in negotiations with customers to secure orders.
  • Improve the marketing impact of the company through its social media activities. This involves continuing and improving existing social media activities as well as identifying and trialing new activities and platforms for the company.
  • Supporting the business’ drive for further investment and funding. This will involve drafting and checking documents to submit to potential funding bodies and investors.

Expected Skills and Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate level – The nature of the role is such that employees would typically be part way through a degree level qualification in a business or engineering related subject. Employees with an alternative background will need to demonstrate the suitability of their skill set.
  • Strong STEM subject performance at A-level (or equivalent) – Far is an advanced technology company and strong performance in at least one STEM subjects is seen as indicative that the candidate will be able to function as part of the team
  • Working knowledge of Mandarin, both spoken and written would be helpful
  • Knowledge of the automotive sector – An interest in the automotive sector is very helpful and when combined with familiarity with its tools and techniques is ideal.
  • Understanding of the nature of commercial deal making – The role holder should want to grow their knowledge of how business works and how deals are done.

Job Type: Temporary

Salary: £17,000.00 /year


Please email your CV and any supporting information that shows how you could fit this role to: